When was the last time you thought about your home’s siding? Odds are, siding rarely crosses your mind. This part of your home offers protection and insulation while contributing to the look of your home’s exterior. The siding also protects the structure of your home from all types of storms and weather conditions. 

Unfortunately, since the siding is found on the exterior of your home, it’s highly susceptible to damage from numerous weather conditions. Mother Nature can be harsh, and it may start to show on your home’s siding over time. However, as your home’s siding starts to break down, the structure of your home will be at a higher risk of damage. So, it’s in your best interest to protect your home against siding damage whenever possible. 

Here, we’ll review the main causes of siding damage for Denver homes. By understanding and avoiding these key factors, you can preserve the condition of your siding. 


One of the most prevalent causes of siding damage is excess moisture. Since excess moisture can cause damage to many different aspects of a home, from the roof to the gutters to the insulation, it’s no wonder that moisture may also diminish the strength of siding. 

The most effective strategy for preventing water damage to your Denver home is to ensure that your contractor installs a waterproof barrier. This is particularly important for homeowners who have trees and plants situated near the siding. Plants can trap moisture close to your siding, potentially leading to issues like mold and algae. To avoid moisture damage, proper airflow is required around your siding. This will allow your siding to dry out after a storm, rather than remaining wet for several hours or even days. 

Weather Conditions

Similarly, weather conditions can make a serious impact on your Denver siding. In the beautiful state of Colorado, wind speeds can climb to astounding heights during severe storms. While most siding is designed to withstand wind speeds of as much as 100 miles per hour, wind damage to your siding is a possibility, especially if it was installed a long time ago. 

Hailstorms here in the Centennial State can also pose a problem for homeowners. Just like your roof, the siding can withstand dents and cracks during severe hailstorms. This hail damage creates a higher risk of more severe damage to your siding, such as water damage or pest infestation.

Pest Infestation

Speaking of pest infestation – it can be a detrimental problem for your home’s siding. Pest infestations in residential siding are a relatively uncommon issue, but it’s still worth mentioning. A termite infection, in particular, can seriously break down your siding. In this case, you’ll need to hire both an exterminator and a Denver siding replacement company to protect your home. 

Insufficient Maintenance

Insufficient maintenance over time creates the risk of damage to your Denver siding. When it comes to home maintenance tasks, the siding may not come to your mind first. But, while maintaining your siding isn’t a particularly involved task, it still needs to be completed for the condition of your home. 

Regular siding inspections are the main form of maintenance that your home needs. An inspection once per year should be enough to identify and resolve any problems with your siding, before the damage becomes significant. 

Excess Heat

Especially during the hot summer months, many homeowners grill outside. If your grill is positioned too close to your home’s siding, the excess heat could cause the vinyl siding to melt. Melting siding can also be triggered by the sun’s UV rays, mainly if the light reflects off of neighbor’s windows. It’s best to be aware of the possibility of heat damage to your Denver siding and take steps to avoid it if possible. 

Poor Installation

For siding to last as long as possible, it needs to be installed by a trained, experienced professional. Any errors made during the installation process could create future issues, such as warping and buckling.

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