Having your home’s siding replaced is a fantastic way to revamp its exterior and boost your curb appeal. In addition to cosmetic benefits, however, many homeowners don’t realize that a Denver siding replacement can add insulation to the home for greater energy-efficiency. With insulated siding, it’s possible to improve your home’s insulation and refresh the exterior all at once. 

Insulated siding has been around for about two decades. Since its inception, insulated siding has been growing in popularity among homeowners and contractors alike. Could it be the right fit for your Denver home? Let’s find out. 

Defining Insulated Siding

First, let’s clarify what exactly insulated siding is. Insulated siding is vinyl siding that has an extra layer composed of EPS. EPS is short for expanded polystyrene, a light cellular plastic material used in numerous applications, including insulation. The insulation is permanently fixed to the siding when it’s manufactured, which provides greater strength and stability to the siding. This also makes the siding more durable against warping, deterioration, fading, and more. Especially here in Denver, where unpredictable weather conditions are the norm, the strength and damage-resistance of insulated siding is a major plus. 

The Advantages of Insulated Siding


As we just mentioned above, insulated siding is stronger than typical vinyl siding. Prodigy Insulated Siding features 1 ½ -inch thick insulation, which provides significant reinforcement to the vinyl siding. With some other, non-insulated types of vinyl siding, there’s a gap between the siding and the wall of the home. This increases the risk of damage – especially dents – significantly. Insulated siding offsets this risk to provide greater protection for the exterior of your home. 


Moisture is often the enemy of conventional siding. But, moisture will inevitably come from your home due to the water vapor produced whenever you cook, clean, or bathe. If this moisture can’t effectively filter out of your home, it creates an ideal environment for mold growth in your home’s siding, as well as in the walls and ceilings. 

Prodigy Insulated Siding has a perm rating of five. A perm rating reflects the rate of water vapor that flows through one square foot of any material. The high perm rating of this insulated siding option means that moisture from your home will easily flow through the insulation to prevent mold growth and other types of moisture damage. 

Cosmetic Benefits

Of course, while the practical benefits of insulated siding are great, homeowners want their Denver home to look great, too. Rest assured, insulated siding is built to enhance the appearance of your home. Prodigy Insulated Siding features finely milled cedar grain panels, providing the look of natural wood to your home. Additionally, with an extended panel length of 16 feet, 8 inches, Prodigy Insulated Siding omits the need for caulking or face nailing. This will give your home a cleaner, more put-together appearance for the whole neighborhood to admire. 


Of course, we can’t talk about the benefits of insulated siding without mentioning energy-efficiency. One of the main culprits of wasted energy in homes is wood studs in the walls. Wood studs cause heat to travel around the insulation and out of the studs. The energy can then leak out through your home’s walls in a process called thermal bridging. Thermal bridging is a major cause of energy loss in homes, and it can significantly rack up your monthly utility bills. A portion of most homes is made up of wood studs. These walls generally aren’t insulated. 

Insulated siding can effectively combat thermal bridging to greatly improve the energy-efficiency of your home. With insulated siding, heat won’t be able to seep out of your home. This will lower your home’s monthly energy expenses while reducing your home’s overall impact on the environment. 

The Drawbacks of Insulated Siding

Price is the key downside that deters homeowners from switching to insulated siding. Insulated siding is undoubtedly more expensive than traditional siding, and by a significant margin. This is because of the additional, high-quality materials used to construct insulated siding. But, when you consider that insulated siding will lower your home’s energy expenses and more effectively fend off damage over the years, the higher upfront cost of insulated siding tends to be well worth it.

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