One of the benefits of Clearwater Exteriors insulated siding products are that they are maintenance-free, which means you never have to paint your home again. This may not seem as weighty as some of the other benefits—such as energy efficiency and increasing the value of your home—but if you consider how much trouble it is to paint your house, you’ll realize that it really is a big bonus. With insulated siding, you can throw away your paintbrush!

Clearwater Exteriors

Hiring someone to paint your house is expensive; a good, reliable painting contractor has significant costs and overhead, and trying to find a “discount” painter usually comes with a whole new set of challenges (if they ever show up) and painting it yourself is a real hassle. You’ll spend days scraping, sanding, and priming—and that’s before you even start painting! In addition, painting your own home can be dangerous. The National Institute of Health estimates that over 135,000 people each year are injured in falls from ladders.  This represents an avoidable, recurring danger that we usually don’t think about (until we are on that unstable, creaky ladder- and then it may be too late).

When you wrap your house in a maintenance-free insulated blanket of siding from Clearwater Exteriors, you’ll be able to paint your house with clear water. An annual washing of this insulated siding is all it takes to keep your home looking like new. Not only that, but you’ll save money on your utility bills, and have the pride of ownership that comes from knowing your home looks immaculate.

Clearwater Exteriors’ siding is designed to be both beautiful and functional, engineered for high performance in every detail. Made with the industry’s thickest insulation, for maximum energy efficiency, it comes in a variety of colors and is made to withstand the elements. For more information about our insulated siding, or to learn about our limited lifetime warranty, visit our website. To connect with our online community, find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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