Like a lot of men, I’m pretty good at home improvement, but I’m not the savviest shopper at the mall. Typically recognizing that I need something about fifteen minutes before I need it, I’m often left empty-handed or with something that’s not quite right. Women, who are clearly better at this, shake their heads in disbelief and look at me like I’m crazy, as I fumble my way through what many of them consider a competitive sport.

  • Why buy a winter coat when it’s hot outside? Trying on big fleecy overcoats in the middle of summer makes absolutely no sense to me, so I usually wait until the weather forces me to seek warmth. Unfortunately, this leaves me trying to figure out if I can make the too-big chartreuse poncho work for me.
  • It’s usually July 3 before I remember that I need a new barbecue grill. I end up at the home improvement store, just before closing time, looking like an idiot as I try to decide between the two grills that are left. Inevitably, one of them has broken knobs, and the other one is an insufficient model, designed for use at the campsite, not to serve the crowd headed for my back yard on the Fourth.
  • Who needs golf shorts in the winter? Golf shorts? Those are an August purchase, which ensures I get the ugliest pair available. Come to think of it, most men wear ugly golf shorts, so maybe I’m not the only one who procrastinates.

All kidding aside, there is one time that shopping with a man brain makes perfect sense. When you’re making a home improvement purchase—like investing in maintenance free siding or high performance replacement windows for your home —all that procrastination pays off. Most businesses in this category don’t get a steady, even amount of work flow year round, so that can be a great time to take advantage of seasonal pricing opportunities. It’s a win-win: the company gets to keep their employees busy and move product, you get to reap the benefits of seasonal incentives.

If you’re looking for maintenance-free insulated siding, or high performance replacement windows, you owe it to yourself to check out Clearwater Exteriors. With a senior leadership team that boasts fifty years of experience among them, Clearwater has the knowledge and expertise to make your home beautiful and energy efficient. For more information on how we can help with your home improvement needs, or to learn about seasonal discounts, Special Offers.

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