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Replacement Windows that Clean Themselves

Replacement Windows that Clean Themselves! As you embark on a window replacement project, we want to help you find features and benefits that you didn’t even know existed. You know you will be getting outstanding energy efficiency with the Energy Star rating. You know you will be getting enhanced value in your home, realizing the full value of your remodel immediately in the new value of your home. You know that maintenance will be faster and easier, because the replacement window project replaces every latch, sash, track and pane. But, did you know that our new replacement windows help clean themselves? At Clearwater Exteriors, we provide new technologically advanced  windows […]

Moving Beyond Vinyl White Windows

Moving beyond Vinyl White Windows: Timeless Exterior Color in Your Window Replacement As you consider your window replacement remodel, we want to help you navigate the choices ahead. We have helped many clients through this important selection process. This article will help you navigate the choices you will make with your designer. At Clearwater Exteriors, we are proud to bring you a variety of vinyl window exterior color options. This can help your new windows bring a stunning exterior impact to your home and your neighborhood. You have the ability to move well beyond the white vinyl windows. Currently, our window color selection allows 9 exterior colors. This includes white […]

Clearwater Exteriors Provides Replacement Windows You Can Trust

Clearwater Exteriors provides replacement windows you can trust: a checklist of reasons Here at Cleartwater Exteriors, we can choose a host of window suppliers, and we work to only provide the best. It is our job to find the highest quality products for our client projects. Given that our window replacement projects are throughout Oregon and Washington, we are looking for strengths in particular areas. Features that matter to us, and we are proud to provide every one of our clients: Beautiful, custom look Energy Star rating Triple Pane Made in America with US Operations Weather Tight 65 years industry experience Over engineered for water, sun, heat, cold Outstanding warranty […]

GE Capital Financing Available

Affording Window Replacement: Clearwater has Financing Available A window replacement project is an excellent investment for your home. It will help decrease your energy bills for heat and air conditioning. New exterior windows will strongly enhance the value of your home, and give it stronger curb appeal. Now, we have some better news… Clearwater Exteriors has secured a relationship to help you realize this beautiful remodel even easier. We are now aligned with GE Capital to help you receive the remodel your home needs. GE Capital offers and easy application process, fast credit decisions, and even better, you get that relationship through our representatives, so it’s convenient for you. Our […]

15 Considerations for a Window Replacement

You may be considering a window replacement project in your home. In previous blogs, we have shed light on the strong cost to value benefit for your home. Today’s article is intended to be a checklist of personal benefits you may receive from a window replacement project. Just like the roof, paint, appliances, flooring, shades and furniture, your home’s windows need to be replaced from time to time.  The following list is intended to help you determine if the time is now: Can you hear outside noises when the windows are closed? Is the outside temperature affecting your indoor temperature? Could the façade of your home use an upgrade? Do […]

5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Window Replacement Project

When considering a window replacement project, here are 5 questions to make sure you are getting the team that will do the best job for your home. How long will the project take? A good crew should be able to install about 10 3×5 windows in a single day. It will take additional time for larger windows, those further above grade, or complicated windows. Are they certified? A good crew will be Lead Paint Certified Remodeler (only necessary for houses built prior to 1978). Your project should also be done by a team licensed with their state contractors’ license (In Oregon, you can find their CCB number). Are they factory […]

Vinyl Window Replacement Recoups 100% Value in Pacific Region

In the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, conducted for Remodeling Magazine, vinyl window replacement projects in the “midrange” category were found to incur a 100% return on value for an residential home in the Pacific Region. In the “upscale” category, return on investment was found to be 98%. The estimated cost of the midrange vinyl window replacement was $11,220, while creating an additional home value of $11,206. In the upscale category of vinyl window replacement, the cost was estimated at $14,377, and brought an additional home value of $14,098. This study, which gets compiled for industry insiders each year, reflects cost based upon industry averages, and not specific design specifications […]

Pet Partners Chosen for our Sponsorship

At Clearwater Exteriors, we were very careful about our choice of philanthropic business partner. Our new partner needed to match our internal values, and bring significant value to our clients, residential home owners. As we continue to offer quality window replacement directly to our client families, we found Pet Partners also works hard to make family life better. Pet Partners has many programs and events to help individuals people and families live richer lives with their pets. The financial gift from Clearwater Exteriors will be used in part to update Pet Partners’ core curriculum keeping the training and continuing education program the best in the country. “Pet Partners is grateful for […]

Four Features to Consider When Shopping for Replacement Windows

Once upon a time, home owners shopped for single pane windows. Today, we are much more concerned with energy efficiency when we have a residential remodel. For starters, the traditional single window pane of clear glass offers little insulation against the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer. As you are shopping features for your window replacement, here are four features to consider when looking at windows for your residential window replacement remodel. Glazing – Double-glazed windows have a sealed space between the two panes of glass, and the air in the space provides an added layer of insulation. Compared with a single pane, double glazing can […]

How to Read Energy Efficiency Labelling on Replacement Windows

At Clearwater Exteriors, we help our clients understand replacement windows every day. We often get asked about the energy efficiency labeling, energy star ratings, and how to understand what you are putting in your home when you do a window replacement project. This blog is intended to help you better understand the stickers you see on the replacement windows. Energy Star and the ratings you see on the stickers were determined by an outside rating system. Manufacturers do not decide or lobby to get the rating you see. It must be earned on every product. Energy Star is an overall rating that is earned by exceptional energy efficiency. However, each […]