Investing in your Biggest Investment with Replacement Siding

When you’re dreaming about home ownership, energy efficient siding or high performance windows sometimes don’t figure largely into your fantasies. After you’ve purchased your home, however, your outlook will probably change. That second story pop-top may have made your fantasy wish list, but once you’re thinking in terms of return on investment, big-ticket items don’t necessarily deliver. It’s true that upgrading to a dream kitchen or a room addition can add value to your house, but you don’t get that investment back until you sell your home. Why not invest your money in something that will pay off while you still live there? Adding the right improvements, however, are renovations […]

The Man Brain Pays Off for Home Improvement Shopping

Like a lot of men, I’m pretty good at home improvement, but I’m not the savviest shopper at the mall. Typically recognizing that I need something about fifteen minutes before I need it, I’m often left empty-handed or with something that’s not quite right. Women, who are clearly better at this, shake their heads in disbelief and look at me like I’m crazy, as I fumble my way through what many of them consider a competitive sport. Why buy a winter coat when it’s hot outside? Trying on big fleecy overcoats in the middle of summer makes absolutely no sense to me, so I usually wait until the weather forces […]

Vinyl Window Replacement Recoups 100% Value in Pacific Region

In the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, conducted for Remodeling Magazine, vinyl window replacement projects in the “midrange” category were found to incur a 100% return on value for an residential home in the Pacific Region. In the “upscale” category, return on investment was found to be 98%. The estimated cost of the midrange vinyl window replacement was $11,220, while creating an additional home value of $11,206. In the upscale category of vinyl window replacement, the cost was estimated at $14,377, and brought an additional home value of $14,098. This study, which gets compiled for industry insiders each year, reflects cost based upon industry averages, and not specific design specifications […]

15 Considerations for a Window Replacement

You may be considering a window replacement project in your home. In previous blogs, we have shed light on the strong cost to value benefit for your home. Today’s article is intended to be a checklist of personal benefits you may receive from a window replacement project. Just like the roof, paint, appliances, flooring, shades and furniture, your home’s windows need to be replaced from time to time.  The following list is intended to help you determine if the time is now: Can you hear outside noises when the windows are closed? Is the outside temperature affecting your indoor temperature? Could the façade of your home use an upgrade? Do […]

Throw Away your Paintbrush with Insulated Siding

One of the benefits of Clearwater Exteriors insulated siding products are that they are maintenance-free, which means you never have to paint your home again. This may not seem as weighty as some of the other benefits—such as energy efficiency and increasing the value of your home—but if you consider how much trouble it is to paint your house, you’ll realize that it really is a big bonus. With insulated siding, you can throw away your paintbrush! Hiring someone to paint your house is expensive; a good, reliable painting contractor has significant costs and overhead, and trying to find a “discount” painter usually comes with a whole new set of […]

Moving Beyond Vinyl White Windows

Moving beyond Vinyl White Windows: Timeless Exterior Color in Your Window Replacement As you consider your window replacement remodel, we want to help you navigate the choices ahead. We have helped many clients through this important selection process. This article will help you navigate the choices you will make with your designer. At Clearwater Exteriors, we are proud to bring you a variety of vinyl window exterior color options. This can help your new windows bring a stunning exterior impact to your home and your neighborhood. You have the ability to move well beyond the white vinyl windows. Currently, our window color selection allows 9 exterior colors. This includes white […]

Clearwater Exteriors Provides Replacement Windows You Can Trust

Clearwater Exteriors provides replacement windows you can trust: a checklist of reasons Here at Cleartwater Exteriors, we can choose a host of window suppliers, and we work to only provide the best. It is our job to find the highest quality products for our client projects. Given that our window replacement projects are throughout Oregon and Washington, we are looking for strengths in particular areas. Features that matter to us, and we are proud to provide every one of our clients: Beautiful, custom look Energy Star rating Triple Pane Made in America with US Operations Weather Tight 65 years industry experience Over engineered for water, sun, heat, cold Outstanding warranty […]

3 Reasons to Choose Energy Star Rated Replacement Windows

  1. Cash In Your Pocket The more energy efficient your windows, the better our home will be at storing the heating or cooling that you have within the home.  Windows are the most common place for energy to escape, forcing your HVAC system to run more in a less efficient home. As the rating goes up, the air leakage goes down. This means that your heating and cooling system runs less after your window replacement. 2. Increase the Life and Use of Your HVAC in Your Home Because the burden on heating your home is lower, you can expect the life of your heating and air conditioning system to […]

How to Read Energy Efficiency Labelling on Replacement Windows

At Clearwater Exteriors, we help our clients understand replacement windows every day. We often get asked about the energy efficiency labeling, energy star ratings, and how to understand what you are putting in your home when you do a window replacement project. This blog is intended to help you better understand the stickers you see on the replacement windows. Energy Star and the ratings you see on the stickers were determined by an outside rating system. Manufacturers do not decide or lobby to get the rating you see. It must be earned on every product. Energy Star is an overall rating that is earned by exceptional energy efficiency. However, each […]

Replacement Windows that Clean Themselves

Replacement Windows that Clean Themselves! As you embark on a window replacement project, we want to help you find features and benefits that you didn’t even know existed. You know you will be getting outstanding energy efficiency with the Energy Star rating. You know you will be getting enhanced value in your home, realizing the full value of your remodel immediately in the new value of your home. You know that maintenance will be faster and easier, because the replacement window project replaces every latch, sash, track and pane. But, did you know that our new replacement windows help clean themselves? At Clearwater Exteriors, we provide new technologically advanced  windows […]